A learning management system that allows staff easy access to: Online Training, Face-to-Face Training and Video Simulations.  Staff can undertake their required training at their own pace and at minimal cost to the organization.


A central hub holding all of the organization’s corporate documents, policies and procedures. This provides easy access for staff to these documents at a click of a button.


A system that keeps your employees updated with the latest news and events. It includes:
Corporate calendar
Important announcements
Links to e-learning and highlights new programs/content available through the hub.

Internal Communications


  • Can be accessed anytime, anywhere, any device.

  • Track staff results and completion.

  • Automatically issue certificates of completion

  • Personalized dashboard according to roles and privileges

  • Lifetime License


  • Company calendar, internal discussions and messaging system.

  • All-in-one assessment and survey tool

  • White label – branded to your look