A learning management system that allows staff easy access to: Online Training, Face-to-Face Training and Video Simulations.  Staff can undertake their required training at their own pace and at minimal cost to the organization.


A central hub holding all of the organization’s corporate documents, policies and procedures. This provides easy access for staff to these documents at a click of a button.


A system that keeps your employees updated with the latest news and events. It includes:
Corporate calendar
Important announcements
Links to e-learning and highlights new programs/content available through the hub.

Internal Communications


  • Can be accessed anytime, anywhere, any device.

  • Track staff results and completion.

  • Automatically issue certificates of completion

  • Personalized dashboard according to roles and privileges

  • Lifetime License


  • Company calendar, internal discussions and messaging system.

  • All-in-one assessment and survey tool

  • White label – branded to your look

Tadribat is a registered Organization that specializes in supporting the delivery of workforce development, competency-based training and sustaining organizational content that is customized and tailored to your own needs.
The aim is to apply our tools within your organization that will support in delivering efficient innovative training while maintaining a significantly reduced time and cost. This will enable your team to establish an easy access to standardized procedures and learning pathways and are specifically customized to your organization.