What we do

We connect all your organizational resources, documents, and training in a single electronic hub. it’s called “myHub”. myHub will be an entry point to:-

Added Value


  • 24/7
    Can be accessed anytime, anywhere, any device.

    Track staff results and completion of training/video simulations with generated customized reports as required.

    Automatically issue certificates of completion for staff records

    We will personalize system access according to your organization’s roles and permissions.

  • Lifetime License
    Yes, it’s yours forever

Additional Features

    We can provide systems in up to 72 languages.

    Company calendar, internal discussions and messaging system.

    Tests can be accessed multiple times with random re-shuffle

  • Regular Updates
    The system is regularly updated for new features at no extra cost.

  • Manage Accessibility 
    Controlled Access to documents according to your hierarchy.

Interactive and Engaging Features

Industries we Serve

Tadribat for Skills Development ltd

Tadribat is a registered Organization that specializes in supporting the delivery of workforce development, competency-based training and sustaining organizational content that is customized and tailored to your own needs.

The aim is to apply our tools within your organization that will support in delivering efficient innovative training while maintaining a significantly reduced time and cost. This will enable your team to establish an easy access to standardized procedures and learning pathways and are specifically customized to your organization.

We pride ourselves with our customers’ feedback on our customized and cost effective services. Our values are based on understanding your needs, we work with you and we thrive on delivering to impress.

We are Tadribat and we are ready to serve you.

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Tadribat for Skills Development ltd – 15 Suleiman Hadidi St – Naber Medical Complex – Amman, Jordan


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